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Panel Mount Monitors and Controllers
PM4-AI AC Current
PM4-AM Auto/Manual Loading Station
PM4-AV AC Voltage
PM4-BC BCD/Binary/Gray Code
PM4-DL 8 channel datalogger - standalone or option
PM4-IV DC Voltage, ±20mA, 4-20mA or 3 wire slidewire
PM4-IVT DC Voltage, ±20mA or 4-20mA totaliser
PM4-IV2 Dual bargraph display with analog inputs
PM4-IV3 3 channel analog input with arithmetic functions
PM4-LN Lineariser (50 point X & Y)
PM4-LN2 Lineariser (Dual input 30 point X & Y)
PM4-LNT Totalising lineariser
PM4-OPT PDF logoPM4 Options manual
PM4-QC Quadrature input pulse Totaliser
PM4-RT8 Multi-input temperature monitor
PM4-SG Strain Gauge/Load Cell
PM4-TCR Temperature from RTD or thermocouple also accepts 4-20mA
PM4-WT Strain Gauge/Load Cell - high speed and precision
Accessories for Panel Mount monitors & indicators