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RM4 DIN Rail Mount Monitors listed by model number

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DIN Rail Mount Monitors and Controllers
Model Description
RM4-AI AC Amps (True RMS)
RM4-AV AC Volts (true RMS)
RM4-BC Binary/BCD/Gray Code to SSI Converter
RM-BC Binary/BCD/Gray Code to SSI Converter
RM4-CO Conductivity
RM4-FX Pulse Input Ratemeter/Tacho
RM4-IV ±20mA, 4-20mA or DC Volts
RM4-IVH High speed/High precision DC input
RM4-IVT Totaliser ±20mA, 4-20mA or DC Volts
RM4-I4 4 input, 4-20mA arithmetic/scanning
RM4-LN Lineariser DC Voltage or 4-20mA
RM4-OPT RM4 Options manual - direct link to pdf
RM4-PH pH/ORP (Redox)
RM4-QC Rate and Total from Quadrature Input
RM4-RS RS232, RS485, RS422 & Serial Current Loop
RM4-RTC Real Time Clock
RM4-SG Strain Gauge/Load Cell
RM4-SSI Synchronous Serial Interface
RM4-TCR RTD, Thermocouple or mVDC input
RM4-TMR Timer (stopwatch or elapsed time)
RM4-TR Ratemeter/Totaliser
RM4-V4 4 inputs, DC Volts arithmetic/scanning
RM4-WT Strain Gauge/Load Cell - High Speed